There are many different B2B Reverse Auction Software programs on the market today, but one, in particular, stands out to us as the overall best.  In this article, I will cover key features to look for in a software package and which product we feel offers the best overall program.

The Paradox

Though many buyers seek out features that will provide maximum value for themselves, software programs that also offer superior tools and ease of use for the suppliers ultimately produce the best overall result for both groups and provide a more clear determination of which supplier is truly willing to offer the lowest overall pricing.

The Overall Best Software

K2 SourcingFrom both first-hand experience and extensive research, we feel K2 Sourcing offers the best overall software system for buyers, whether they are planning to host their first reverse auction or are implementing reverse auctions as a long-term, broadly-encompassing component of their procurement process.


What Sets K2's Software Apart from the Rest?

Key Feature

Why is this Important?

Pre-Auction Ceilings

Many software programs offer reserve pricing features during the live auction process, but a much more efficient management system is to set pricing ceilings in the pre-auction process.  This protects the buyer from proceeding with an auction that may result in bids HIGHER than their current pricing while also reducing process noise by eliminating any potential suppliers who cannot offer pricing below the ceiling. 

Live Auction Bidding Calculators and Tools

The live auction process can be INCREDIBLY hectic for suppliers, creating two potential problems.  Firstly, some suppliers will stop bidding for fear of making a mistake, resulting in poor overall auction results.  Secondly, some suppliers will accidentally enter errant, unsupportable bids that negatively impact the overall process.  K2's Live Auction tools make bidding easy for suppliers, thereby promoting bidding that is more frequent and more accurate.


K2 provides full functionality with minimal commitment at a very low overall cost.  This offers an excellent entry point for buyers seeking to test the Reverse Auction process, as well as long-term savings for procurement teams hosting multiple events annually.  Additionally, the cost structure prevents buyers from feeling they need to make a supplier change to justify the costs of the auction.

In summary, K2 Sourcing offers a program that is incredibly easy to use and offers the best overall functionality for both the buyer and suppliers to truly identify who is willing to offer the lowest price for the auctioned lots.  

If you have any specific questions about Reverse Auction Software let us know via our Contact page!  We are always happy to help.