The 5 Best Reverse Auction Bidding Strategies

Bidding in an Online Reverse Auction can feel a lot like casino gambling, and just like playing at gaming tables the situation can quickly spiral out of control.  Here are the Top 5 Bidding Strategies to help you stay on track and win the auction while still preserving margins.#1: Start HighMany organizations we have supported

3 Dirty Bidding Tricks Used in B2B Reverse Auctions

Competing suppliers do not always behave honestly, ethically, or credibly during the Reverse Auction process. As a result, we sometimes see one or more of the following three “dirty-tricks” used in Online B2B Reverse Auctions during the Live-Auction and Post-Auction processes. In each case, the Prospective (non-Incumbent, Challenging) Supplier bids down to an unsupportable price