How to Win US eProcurement Reverse Auctions with Imported Products

For suppliers of Chinese or other international products, the best strategies for winning B2B eProcurement Reverse Auctions are very different from those of domestic product suppliers.  Below are our key tips for maximizing the benefits of international supply and removing any potential associated concerns. Addressing Concerns In many cases, US companies will choose to purchase

The 5 Best Reverse Auction Bidding Strategies

Bidding in an Online Reverse Auction can feel a lot like casino gambling, and just like playing at gaming tables the situation can quickly spiral out of control.  Here are the Top 5 Bidding Strategies to help you stay on track and win the auction while still preserving margins.#1: Start HighMany organizations we have supported

3 Dirty Bidding Tricks Used in B2B Reverse Auctions

Competing suppliers do not always behave honestly, ethically, or credibly during the Reverse Auction process. As a result, we sometimes see one or more of the following three “dirty-tricks” used in Online B2B Reverse Auctions during the Live-Auction and Post-Auction processes. In each case, the Prospective (non-Incumbent, Challenging) Supplier bids down to an unsupportable price

Invitation Email

Strategy 101: Prospective Supplier Overview

Congratulations! By being invited to participate in an online B2B Reverse Auction, you’ve been given the opportunity to show your superior value as a supplier and grow your business! For most manufacturing companies, however, managing online auctions is a daunting and tedious process.  Though the frequency of online reverse bids continues to increase, management of